in one week…

…we’ll be on our way to Benin!

It’s about time, huh? After all, it’s been almost a year and a half since I joined the Foreign Service. A good number of my A-100 classmates know their second assignment. Actually, some of them have started their second assignment.

But I have a very good (and cute) reason for being behind schedule:

It’s still so weird for me to think that this strange and exciting lifestyle I’ve chosen isn’t going to seem all that strange and exciting to Flynn. It will be his normal.

He’s certainly off to a good start with this nomadic thing. In his short 10-week life he’s already spent the night in seven different places in five different states. He’s slept in various pack ‘n’ plays and bouncers and swings, not to mention in the arms of dozens of friends and family members.

Two years in one place? At this rate, that might seem like an eternity.

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    6 Responses to in one week…

    1. Joanna Bentley says:

      In this picture i see a lot of Andy in Flynn.

    2. Carolyn says:

      We can’t wait for you all to get here! Charlotte is excited to meet someone else her age. 🙂

    3. David Josar says:

      As my wife Eve and I have commented to each other, we do not regret one single, expensive indulgence we took before leaving the states. Indulge yourself, don’t take anything too seriously and be flexible. Abby will do fine on the trip too. Welcome to Africa … oh … and if there is anything you think may make your adjustment easier, pack it along, send it in the pouch or order it off Amazon so it’s there when your arrive.

    4. Bfiles says:

      very cute reason! good luck w everything!

    5. Jeanne says:

      Here’s hoping that Benin soon feels like home.

    6. Sadie says:

      This week’s State Department Blog Round Up is here, and you’re on it!

      Please let me know if you have any objections and would like to be removed. Thanks for the submission!

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