We were honored by the beautiful farewell party put together last weekend by Guadalajara friends who make it even harder for us to go!

Lovely Mexican paper flowers…

13606790_10101244520023694_4591872590619710818_n A bounce house…


More decorations…

A churro stand churning out these fresh goodies to order…

Saying goodbye is sad…


But luckily for us, the fates have been working hard to help make us a tiny bit less sad about leaving Guadalajara.


By making our last week as horrendous as can be.

For example: a car wreck three days before our car was supposed to ship! We’re fine, but the car is not. It’s in the shop now and likely won’t be fixed before we leave Guadalajara. So that will be fun to deal with from afar! Plus much, much more. We’ll tell you more if we ever manage to get to the other side of these next few days…

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2 Responses to farewell

  1. Tiffany says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so glad no one was hurt! With less than a month for our departure, I’ve been worried that one last bad thing will happen… It hasn’t yet, but for some reason has been weighing on my mind. I love how sweet your farewell party was!

  2. I can’t even imagine the stress of a damaged car/car accident and packout — so glad all are ok, but dang!, that would definitely throw everything into even more of a hellish countdown. I hope you are able to find some peaceful breathing room in all the preparations and paperwork. Speaking of, those paper flowers are so lovely — what a great send off from friends!! Wishing you all the best and the ability to find your inner zen when it all seems to be piling up.

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