IKEA in Mexico?

Look familiar?


photo 2

No, IKEA hasn’t opened up shop in Mexico. This is just our local neighborhood IDEA. Subtle, eh?

photo 1

Judging by how quickly my photo taking was shut down, I’m guessing this is a not entirely kosher copycat venture. Yet they are a real business with a functional website and everything. They have the exact same sort of floor plan, winding you through a big warehouse with mock rooms. Some of their stuff is identical to what you’d find in IKEA. Literally, the same. Other stuff is in style of IKEA, but a little different.

photo 3

No Swedish meatballs, though. Bummer.

(Interested to know more? This blogger is more dedicated than me.)

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3 Responses to IKEA in Mexico?

  1. dr. jerry says:

    WONDERFUL PICTURES..Keep up the good work.

  2. Aldo says:


    I have been reading your blog, I live in Guadalajara and I have visited IKEA in Germany and the US, but this IDEA store is unfortunately for Mexicans with good taste not even close to what IKEA offers to it’s clients.

    The first time I walked into the store I was dissapointed of the concept having lack of imagination and offering cheap options without any quality or taste – which is what IKEA offers, however I don’t lose hope and think that IKEA will jump in here in the next decades as our country becomes more globalized – as an example we can see the recent openings of H&M and Crate & Barrel

  3. Alfred says:

    I like IKEA…. BUT, I will be very happy if it doenst come to Mexico, it will ruins life of all our artisans doing furniture, like those in Michoacan….maybe not much imagination, but tradition and heart!!….

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