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Thirteen weeks after we arrived in Guadalajara, our stuff finally showed up too! To put things in perspective, let me remind you that our shipment arrived in Benin in only 7 weeks. Why’d it take almost double that amount of time to travel south of the border? Lord only knows, but the important thing is that the wait is over.

In addition to being excited to get our place set up, we were growing increasingly curious about what we even shipped. Last time we didn’t own many things, and our house in Benin was huge, so we just sent everything. This time we sent some stuff to storage, but it was hard to remember what.

We were a little worried when a tiny truck rolled up to our house. Um, what? Had we put waaaaaaay more stuff in storage than we’d anticipated? Luckily a normal sized one pulled up shortly thereafter.

The State Department gives you two days off work to deal with the arrival of your things. That’s great, but unfortunately, two days isn’t usually enough. I worked dawn to dusk and am still not done. And I have to do this all over again just two short years for now? A three- or even four-year posting is looking better and better. So is finding our way back to our pre-children, minimalist ways.

The good news is that the end is near. Hopefully the place will be presentable enough for us to post some photos soon.

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