on day trips with little ones

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about these prehistoric circular pyramids, because I stepped out in the hall with a whiney one-year-old during the introductory museum video. And I spent the rest of the museum visit arguing with a whiney three-year-old about my decision to deny him a granola bar until we got outside.

He was wearing a much cuter outfit earlier in the day. Don't even ask what happened in the car.
Outside, post granola bar, he was a bit less whiney.

Side note: Flynn was wearing a much cuter outfit earlier in the day. Don’t even ask what happened in the car.

Anyway, we were talking about the circle pyramids. Guachimontones, they’re called. They were only discovered like 10 years ago. I guess they used to be part of some city like this.

Murals, murals, everywhere.
Murals, murals, everywhere. It’s Mexico, after all.

Or so the story goes. Word on the street is that the whole thing is a giant scam orchestrated by the state of Jalisco, which was jealous of other parts of Mexico and their impressive (and tourist attracting) archeological sites.

Baby celeb.
Baby celeb.

Not pictured: the dozens of middle school girls on some sort of organized trip who were much less interested in the pyramids than in getting a photo with the blonde gringo baby. I let them. Why not?

Smiles from all!
Smiles from all!

Afterwards we visited a lovely lakeside seafood restaurant where Flynn insisted on ordering a hot dog, and then proceeded to eat not more than one small bite of said hot dog. Jonah insisted on eating everything he was not allowed to eat, and on banging a spoon on the table much of the meal. Meanwhile, I think our child-free travel companions made the important life decision to hold off on the whole kid thing for a while. Can’t blame ’em.

Obviously, our kids are awesome. But traveling with little kids just isn’t awesome. Still, we’re trying to force ourselves to do as much of it as possible anyway, because let’s be honest: being at home with little ones isn’t easy either. And we only have two years here to see and do the seemingly endless list of things we want to.

We hope to go on a day trip most weekends, and we’re in the midst of planning our first long weekend away too. But for that one, I’m making sure to find a hotel with babysitting service. Obviously.

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  1. Tiffany B. says:

    Hi hear ya! Not to mention all the crap you have to take with you, even on a day trip. At least for us, we feel like we’ve often regretted when we didn’t bring something, but have never regretted bringing everything. Love seeing and reading about your trips!

  2. Theresa says:

    Figuring out the crazy and strict schedule necessary to travel w/ our kids (out the door by dawn, sleep in the car, head home right after lunch so the kids will sleep in the car again) made a HUGE difference in how much fun we were having in Freetown (and actually, back here in DC too). And I’m fully aware that there are plenty of kids in this world for whom NO sort of schedule or accommodation works.

    And even with our adherence to the RULES of JASMINE, sometimes there was nothing we could do but throw her screaming over our shoulders and just head home. 😛

    That is to say, sister, I feel ya’.

  3. Daniela says:

    Yeah, it’s not just you. Traveling with kids is not impossible but enjoying the said traveling with kids is not easy. We try our best and plan our trips around nap times and bring all the necessary paraphernalia (boy am I ever so glad we are out of diapers!). It is a lot harder than if it was just the two of us but we still make memories and that’s why we joined the FS. With time you forget the annoying and tend to remember the good things. The other thing is, our lives are so busy and before we know it the kids will be planning their own trips with friends, so we are trying to enjoy these years as a family, whining be damned…

  4. bfiles says:

    I totally hear you, but you know what’s funny? Now that we’re past those whiny, naptime days, we’re dealing with whiny, I don’t want to go sightseeing days. I mean, they used to just come along. Now they believe they have say in what we do today! Which means, of course, they don’t want to go on mama’s outings. Anyway, for the first time, I’m planning a sightseeing trip and trying to find a way to keep them interested. So…this too will pass, but will be replaced with a different stage…:)

  5. bfiles says:

    PS love your new blog photo!!

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