birthday bouncing

Flynn turned three this week!

Did you know that two dozen helium balloons is the absolute most you can fit in a small SUV? This is one of many important lessons we learned from planning his party, the most important of which is: never again host a party outdoors!

After weeks of weather stalking and escalating levels of worry (since we had no plan B of which to speak), we decided to take a chance on the 66% chance that it would not rain during his fairly narrow party time slot. What do you think, dear reader? Was the weatherman wrong? You betcha.

Here are some scenes from the festivities before the storm. (Lest you wonder why in the world there were no children at this party, I should point out that I make an effort not to post photos of other people’s kids. Alas, you get to — or have to — enjoy lots of photos of mine, and their relatives.)

andy russ jonah cake flynn papa cake decor dino jonah drink driveway  flynn bounce flynn mom dino flynn food good family photo jonah playing dinos  yard again

Shortly after the rain hit and the party moved inside, Flynn’s cousin mentioned there was something moving in my mom’s bed. At first I told her not to worry, it must be the dog, until I remembered that the dog was locked upstairs. What did I find under the covers? Why, it was Flynn, hiding out and opening his presents, of course.

He’s no fool.

By some stroke of scheduling luck the bounce house rental place asked us if we could keep Mr. Dinosaur overnight. We gladly obliged, though are waiting nervously to see that next utilities bill. Still, I maintain that it was worth it for the loads of after hours bouncing.

Is that someone bouncing in his pajamas first thing in the morning? Yep.


The only person who might have liked the the bounce house more than Flynn was his brother. A giant padded room with unlimited crawling possibilities, and no one snatching him up from potential hazards? Yes, please!

Image 1Goodbye, Mr. Dinosaur.


Many exciting things surely await us abroad, but I’m going to miss being in a place where all it takes is a Google search, a phone call, and a check to make your dinosaur loving three-year-old’s wildest dreams come true.

Happy birthday big guy!

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  1. Jess says:

    Hi Alex, I’m an FSO assigned to Benin currently at FSI for language. I would love to chat with you about how life in Benin was for you with a young baby–I will be bringing my 3 year old and am currently pregnant, in the middle of trying to figure out best options in terms of timing. Am getting a little freaked out about the 9-month age minimum for yellow fever and meningitis vaccines and am interested to hear about your experience in navigating this whole process. We were posted in Luanda previously. Thanks! Jess

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