faces of the first weeks

These "hand" things are a little awkward, no?
I said, do NOT swaddle me! Was I not clear?
I can never go back to that warm squishy bubble I used to call home? Not gonna lie. That makes me sad.
I'm onto you, dog. Keep that nose away from this diaper.
That's the world out there? It seems a little... big.
What about "NO MORE CARSEAT" don't you understand?
A little help please?
Kiss kiss.
I'm confused. I really don't get any of that pizza?
Do not disturb.
All I have on today's agenda is food and naps? Can't complain about that!
Give me a toy, stat. I dare you to say no to this dimple.
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2 Responses to faces of the first weeks

  1. Pattie Draper says:

    Good gracious, that’s one cute baby!

  2. Daniela Swider says:

    OMG – I hope you are bottling that cuteness…

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