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If you don’t already know about the show Mouk, keep reading.

In addition to being well done with catchy but not irritating tunes and whimsical imagery, it sends a great message: Meeting new people and learning about new cultures is interesting and worthwhile.

“Mouk and Chavapa are two globetrotters cycling around the world. From Ouagadougou to New York, from Australia to Madagascar and Greece, the two buddies discover the world and its inhabitants… And as everything’s different from home, adventure is always at the end of the road!”

I especially love that Mouk and Chavapa start each episode by talking via webcam with their friends and family back home — just like Flynn does every weekend.

As bizarre as our Foreign Service lifestyle seems at times — and as big as the sacrifices sometimes feel when there are little ones involved — it’s not really all that unusual to be living far from loved ones. With young people flocking to cities more and more, with increasing immigration, with the rise of international businesses, how many people these days actually live close to extended family? Almost no one.

Flynn’s generation may very well grow up thinking weekly Skype dates with grandparents are just as normal as the weekly corned beef Sunday brunches that I remember.


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3 Responses to must see tv

  1. Anne says:

    This looks awesome! Where/how do you watch it?

  2. Alex says:

    @Anne — It’s on Disney Junior. I’m not sure whether it runs in the States yet (it’s a French show originally), but the Disney Junior we get out of South Africa via satellite plays it.

  3. Dani says:

    This sounds like a great show! Will’s great aunt just sent him the book “A Color of His Own” and I didn’t realize until reading it again what a perfect book it is for the foreign service kid, about a chameleon who is sad that everyone else has a color of their own but him. His keeps changing wherever he goes. But then he meets another chameleon and realizes that, as long as they stick together, they’ll share the same color even as it changes where ever they go!

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