vacation planning

A real quote from my husband while planning the part of our R&R in which we leave the kiddo with his grandparents and jet off to a tropical island, staying at the most luxious  hotel I can find:

“Wait, whoa there. It looks like you’re booking the hotel for 10 nights. Ten nights? Isn’t that a little too long for a vacation? I was thinking more like five or six.”

A little too long for a vacation? Is that even a real thing?

You're right, 10 days here would be torture.

Obviously, I ignored his concerns. Ten night hotel stay — booked.



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  1. Dani says:

    that looks a little like the Virgin Islands eh?

  2. Tracy says:

    Ooh where is this?? Funny b/c I just went through the same thing this past week…only I was the one stuck in the mindset of “6 days” is a vacation. Um yeah…ended up booking 10 days as well. Curacao. And the only thing torturous about that picture you posted is the thought of having to leave that place after 10 days!

  3. Alex says:

    @Tracy – Yep, Dani is right. US Virgin Islands. We’re trying to get it included in our official R&R ticket, as it’s in the U.S. Here’s hoping! Curacao sounds excellent. I don’t think you’ll regret your 10 day decision. 🙂

  4. Bev Bramble says:

    We spent a week in Curacao in 2000. The resort where we stayed was all inclusive and plush. At a restaurant known for its seafood, Jim ordered the largest lobster they had. They informed us that it was so many grams or something metric. Jim said, “I don’t care! I want the largest lobster you’ve got.” About six pounds and $120 later he was choking down dinner. Gambling is big and luxurious there. At one point I was up $400 on blackjack, but got greedy and lost it all! Outside of the compound the island is both tropical, but in other areas it’s like Hawaii with volcanic soil and cactus. The coastline is very rocky with sharp rocks. There are no sugar-y sandy beaches. Most tourists go to snorkle. The location catches trade winds so there is a constant temperature of about 80+ degrees year round. Hard to figure it out.

    Since it’s a former Dutch colony, the a lot of the females go topless. The language is a combination of Dutch, Spanish and several others. It’s beautiful, but hard to understand if they don’t want you to. However, everyone speaks English.

    We rented a car to see the island, but off the resort I didn’t feel the friendliness of the natives. I don’t think it is safe to wander. Remember Natale Holloway was in Aruba which is just an island from Curacao.

    I didn’t spend any money on touristy keepsakes. There are many upscale shops that were too rich for our pocketbook and the opposite, cheap island imports that probably came from Japan.

    Have a wonderful time. I’ll be thinking of you, and wondering how you could leave your child for TEN WHOLE DAYS!

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