Flynn can understand and point out quite a lot, but here are the only words he’s currently saying*, in this approximate order of frequency:

  • Abbey
  • puppy
  • doggy
  • bye bye
  • no
  • daddy/dada
  • mommy/mama
  • ball
  • shoe
  • sock
  • feet
  • Marie (his nanny)
  • Richmil (his nanny’s son)
  • cookie
  • carrot
  • bed

The dog words are no surprise, and I like that the cookie is now balanced by the carrot (sorry grandmas), but I’m not quite sure what to make of his sudden interest in all things feet…


*Interestingly his French is a little more sophisticated than his English. He’s using French for action verbs and short phrases and commands. So far we can keep up, but it’s not going to be too long before he’s rolling his eyes at the limits of his unsophisticated parents’ mediocre foreign language abilities, as any good bi- or tri- or multi-lingual Foreign Service kid must.

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2 Responses to words

  1. Dani says:

    That’s a lot of words! We’re still waiting over here for even a Mama uttered in the correct context. Like Flynn, Will understands a lot (even words I didn’t think he heard that often, like microwave) but doesn’t talk at all yet. Way to go with your French Flynn! That is super super cool!

  2. Alex says:

    Microwave huh? It’s funny what kids decide is important!

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