girls vs. boys

A month or two ago I invited a young girls soccer team to the American Cultural Center to watch a documentary called Kick Like a Girl, about a girls soccer team in Utah that was so good they started playing in a boys league.

It’s a funny little documentary. In introducing herself one of the little girls says, “When people hear my family is from Utah they think we must be Mormons. We are NOT Mormons. I don’t know what we are, actually, except I do know one thing. My mom says we are definitely DEMOCRATS.”

Okay, you won me over.

But anyway, the Beninese girls soccer team really liked the film. They liked it so much that they decided to challenge a boys soccer team to a match, just like the girls did in Utah. And they invited me to come cheer them on. Which I of course did.

Warming up.

I brought Flynn and Andy along too, and I notified members of the local press in case they were interested in covering it. Turns out they were. They came in droves.

Unfortunately, though, the TV camera crews decided that even more interesting than a girls vs. boys soccer game was a little white American toddler running around blowing bubbles with dozens of Beninese children. I haven’t watched the news yet but I’m a little scared that Flynn is going to get more airtime than the soccer players.

Hello there, new friends.

But… the girls won the game 3-2! In the boys’ defense, though, the girls were all at least a foot or two taller than them. It may not have been evenly stacked.

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3 Responses to girls vs. boys

  1. Dani says:

    this post made me laugh! And what a cute little tv star!! Sounds like a wonderful day, Flynn look ssooo big in that last picture! He’s an honest to goodness toddler now!

  2. As a female-non-Republican-soccer-playing-Utahn I loved this post 🙂 It’s amazing what sports can do – especially for girls. This sounds awesome.

  3. Donna says:

    I love this story – and that the girls invited you to the game. I’ve just taken the FSOT and I’m still trying to figure out if I’ll enjoy consular services, or get bored by visa interviews. (I think I’d enjoy it, by and large, but not sure if that’s just unrealistic idealism.) This gives me a different glimpse than most of the official descriptions. Thanks! Any advice on reasons NOT to choose Con?

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