baby on board

Brings a little perspective to the rear facing versus forward facing car seat debate, no?

Speaking of babies, we’re super excited that summer transfer season is  about to bring in lots of little friends for Flynn! Not only that, but also  adults who understand why a Sunday at a beach that’s an hour away and super hot and filled with sand and cigarette butts and glass that will immediately go in your kid’s mouth if you’re not watching every milli-second is not exactly relaxing.

But you know what is relaxing? When you get to go to the beach without your kid because some of your kidless colleagues got the silly idea that chasing after a one year old might be a fun way to spend the afternoon. God bless them.


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2 Responses to baby on board

  1. Anne says:

    I almost didn’t see the little babe on back. Love that both mama and baby are wearing the same fabric. Yay for babies and baby-less friends.

  2. Theresa says:

    Bertrand and I decided that the *one* thing that would induce us to buy a car while still living in Benin was having a kid. I can’t even imagine having only zemidjians to transport my kid!

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