This Friday I will receive my bid list.

On it there will be something like 300 jobs around the world, any of which I could theoretically be assigned. Of course, realistically, I know that I have to fulfill my consular requirement this time around, so that will whittle the list down to probably 200. Also, because I can’t spend any more time in training learning a language, I can only go to posts that require either English or French. That should bring the list to maybe 50. From there, I look at timing. If a particular position is opening months before or after I could get there, off my list it goes.

I’m supposed to bid on 30 jobs, ranked in order of my preference. Based on the past experiences of colleagues in similar positions, I don’t expect to even be eligible for that many. So the bottom of my list could look a little dicey. Or maybe I’ll be completely surprised and be able to bid on 30 amazing options. Until I get the list, who really knows.

Either way, the process is exciting. I think in fact that getting your bid list is even more thrilling than getting your actual assignment. Here are your world of possibilities. Ready, set, daydream.

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6 Responses to possibilities

  1. Anne says:

    So exciting!! I hope your narrowed down list is 100% awesome.

    We bid this summer too, but my husbands list doesn’t come out until July or August. I’m terribly anxious to see what our possibilities are.

  2. Nathan says:

    Kelly and I would like to visit Paris, so there would be great.

  3. Dani says:

    Oooh fun fun fun! Can’t wait to hear where you guys are headed next!!

  4. Nys says:

    Why can’t you spend any more time in language training?

  5. Alex says:

    Nys — The State Department lets new officers spend a finite amount of time training before they’re tenured. The idea is that if you’re in training and not working an actual job you can’t really be evaluated, and if you’re not evaluated they can’t decide whether you should be tenured. I used up my training time before my first tour.

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