Out for a drive last weekend we encountered this guy.


We’re used to seeing chickens wandering the roads. Horses and pigs are no longer a surprise either. But this was a first.

Just as I was instructing Andy to get out of the car so I could take a picture of him next to the creature to appropriately demonstrate how giant it was, the buck jumped up and started ramming those big horns against the tree. Whoa there buddy. Message received. Moving along.

Later that same day we encountered these fellows for sale on the side of the road.

Hope they're not claustrophobic.

Too bad for the vendor that he didn’t have beagles, because I probably would have paid a ridiculous amount and bought up every last one. Even these non-beagles were pretty tempting. I resisted, but there will be plenty more opportunities. Oftentimes when you’re sitting at a stoplight someone will come up to your window waving a tiny puppy in each hand. I have no problem shooing off the guys trying to sell bug zappers or alarm clocks, but puppies? They’re going to get me one of these days.

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