Flynn attended his first playgroup today. At first he was a little shy.

Dad, who are all these small people?

But luckily the teacher gave him a little plastic rattle that fit right in his mouth, so he didn’t have to pay attention to other babies anymore, or other toys for that matter.

Rocking horse? Big whoop. I have something to put in my mouth.

There was only one thing that temporarily distracted him from his rattle. Bubbles.

Why don't I have any of these at home?

Just as I was bemoaning the lack of playgroup experiences in our Foreign Service future, I noticed this chart on the wall.

Nothing in Benin, though. Shocker.
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  1. Dani says:

    oh good! So I have at least 2 more months of the “must put everything in my mouth whether its edible or not” stage huh? Glad he enjoyed play group though!

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