Air France flight from Cotonou to Paris.

Andy: I can’t wait for all the food we’ll be able to have when we get back to Washington.

Alex: Yeah, like good sushi.

Andy: And real pizza and burgers.

Alex: I can’t wait to go to Cafe Asia again. Oh, and brunch. I really want a good brunch.

Andy: I can’t wait to go to Ray’s Hell Burger and Five Guys and Outback and get McDonald’s for breakfast.

Alex: I’m going to make a pumpkin pie and get some good Mexican food and get free diet soda refills everywhere.

Andy: So that takes care of the first day. What are we going to eat on the second day?

That was the conversation we had when we were on our way back to Washington. After six months in Africa, we were feeling a little homesick. But now our bodies are starting to fight back. So we’re easing up. We actually went to the grocery store and bought some stuff to cook at home. Healthy stuff. Wow! We’re also realizing that we may very well be stuck here for a while, so there’s no need to stuff ourselves with so much deliciousness all at once. But come to think of it, the reason why we’ll be here for a while is because I will be starting chemotherapy soon. I don’t imagine chemotherapy will be very good for my appetite, so maybe I should place a Papa Johns order tonight after all…

Okay, sold.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Save the Ray’s Hell Burgers and Five Guys for when I get there.

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