to the market

After an unsuccessful first attempt I finally returned to the famous Dantokpa market this weekend, this time with a few people who actually knew the way. It was a Dantokpa 101 sort of excursion — we stayed for only about an hour and focused on the fabric section — but it was fun, and I think I could maybe even find my own way back in the future. Unfortunately I didn’t come away with any good photos to show off to you this time. I only brought my cheap point and shoot camera, and it couldn’t ever figure out where to focus, which is actually as good of a description as any of what the Dantokpa experience is like. Imagine people crowded shoulder to shoulder. Imagine many languages you don’t know. Imagine women bustling past carrying pretty much anything you can think of on their heads (example: dozens of chickens). Imagine bright colors. Imagine strong smells.

Will Flynn soon be sporting some African outfits? Stay tuned!


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  1. Linda says:

    What beautiful, colorful fabric. I’m sure Flynn will look fabulous.

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