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One thing someone should warn you about when you’re gearing up to have a kid is that you’ll never blow dry your hair again. I mean, if you even find time to wash your hair, that’s something to be proud of. But blow drying it too? Ha. Maybe when the kid starts school.

I like my hair long, but only when I can blow dry it. Since Flynn arrived that hasn’t happened. In the first few months I was just too busy. Who has time for that when there’s a baby crying to be fed or burped or held? By the time I started work, skipping the hair drying became more of a choice than a necessity. Flynn no longer needs constant attention, but since I’m away from him for at least 11 hours a day already, I want to give him attention whenever I possibly can. Our morning play time is probably the best part of my day, so I’m not going to sacrifice even five or ten minutes of it just so my hair looks better. Hello, ponytail.

So, my hair’s been kind of a mess lately. Today, driving past a salon, I made an impulsive decision to just cut it all off. Had I made this decision in advice I could have brought along some pictures or looked up some haircutting vocabulary, but with none of that at my disposal I went with a simple straight across cut, at a hopefully very fast air drying shoulder cut length.

How does it look?

Well, according to at least one person, hilarious:

Click here.

Imagine this continuing for fifteen minutes, because it did.

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  1. Becky says:

    Oh my goodness. He is so cute! I could only get the first couple seconds to play but that laugh is adorable. I bet your cut is cute too. I have run in for random haricuts more than once in my mom career. Glad I’m not the only one!

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