finally, the respect i deserve

Back in my old homes of NYC and DC, I would bark at people on the street and they would just laugh at me. Laugh! Like I’m some kind of a joke!

Well, luckily here in Cotonou, life’s taken a turn for the better. Here, when I growl at people on the street, they cower. When I bark, they scurry away out of sight.

I don’t know why everyone’s finally so scared of me, like they should have been all along. I heard my owners mumbling something about rabies, but I know I don’t have that because I had to get all kinds of shots for it. So I guess it’s just that they finally realized how tough of a dog I am.

Because I am very, very tough… except when it comes to bed time.

You know who’s not scared of me, though? Those pesky salamanders. I hate them just as much as I used to hate squirrels, but they’re dumber than squirrels, I think, because they let me get much closer to them before running away. I’m going to get one of those salamanders one day, just you wait.
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  1. Nina Riley says:

    Hi Alex, Andy, Flynn and Abby,

    This was a lol for me! I hope everyone is doing very well. Would love to see pics of everyone (of course, Abby was the start here:-))
    Get those salamanders, Abby!


  2. aunt phyllis says:

    How proud I am to be your aunt.I am so glad you are social. Your new friends

    just don’t understand how great and verbal you are. WOOF,WOOF<WOOF fr

    from Lily.She sends her love, as do I.

  3. alison says:

    Hi Alex! This may sound like a strange question, but as a prospective FSO, I’m curious…do you have mosquitos in the house? I understand the necessity of protecting yourselves against mosquito-borne diseases by having the mosquito net over the bed, but am curious as to whether you actually get many bugs in the house or not.

    Not that bugs would put me off the Foreign Service, but I was just curious about the bug levels at your post! My husband and I have traveled to many countries and they all seem to have different levels of bugs. Do you have screens?

  4. alex says:

    We do still sleep with the nets on still but honestly we probably don’t need to, especially since we’re taking anti-malarial meds too. Although I’ve seen other bugs in the house (things like flour and sugar really require airtight containers; bugs find them much more quickly than in the U.S. if not) I really haven’t seen any mosquitos. And honestly, the bug situation is better here than it was in any of my NYC apartments. =)

  5. alison says:

    That’s great to hear! 🙂 Thanks for your answer; we really appreciate it!

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