life’s a beach

Well, okay, not exactly a beach. But things are going pretty well.

Thanks to the hospitality of the embassy crew, we were able to introduce Flynn to the beach, join the weekly ex-pat happy hour at a local restaurant, make a few grocery store runs, attend a dinner party and visit the infamous beachfront beer garden. In our spare moments we also managed to unpack and put away all of our UAB and the half of our HHE that arrived.

That was all last weekend.

This weekend? Well, we slept. We watched TV. And we made one sole trip outside of the house to get some food.

I guess the adrenaline finally ran out.

This coming week should be a busy one, as I have my first full week of work. Working three days last week was tiring enough, so I’m a bit nervous about how a full week will go. Andy starts work this week too. And we also hope to find a cook/housekeeper. Flynn’s nanny has been doing some of that for us, but since we’re not comfortable with her taking Flynn along shopping (as he’d have to ride on the back of a moto), we’ve decided to hire someone else too. Yes, we went from swearing we’d never hire household help to employing a full-time staff of two. Such is the life of tired new parents. Plus, we like to think that we’re creating jobs that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. And that we’ll be good and fair employers. (Can you tell I’m still trying to justify this to myself?)

We’re still anxious to get a better Internet connection and also for our car and the rest of our things to arrive, but considering we’ve been here barely a week, I think things are going pretty well.

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