the terrible twos

Today Flynn turns two! Okay, okay — two months, not two years, and he’s really not terrible at all. But it does feels more like two years than two months; it’s hard to remember life before the little guy. It’s probably good we don’t dwell too much about life before Flynn, though, because we’ve already broken a fair number of our parenting resolutions.

  • Pre-baby promise #1: He will always be dressed in cute clothes.
  • Reality: Eh, he’s just going to get it dirty soon anyway; sometimes a diaper is good enough.

Just chilling in my duck.

  • Pre-baby promise #2: We will continue our lifestyle of minimalism.
  • Reality: That toy makes him bust out the slightest smile? Buy 10 of them!

Imagine how much more fun this will be when my feet touch the ground!

  • Pre-baby promise #3: Early on we’ll start him on a strict sleep schedule.
  • Reality: We’re grateful for any sleep he decides to bestow upon us, whenever and wherever it should come.

Yes, I sleep on patio tables. What’s it to you?

  • Pre-baby promise #4: We won’t let Flynn take too much attention away from Abbey.
  • Reality: Whoops — totally forgot about Abbey for this year’s family picture. Sorry girl. Maybe next time.

The one picture in which Flynn isn’t crying or sleeping.

  • Pre-baby promise #5: We won’t burden Flynn with unrealistic goals and expectations.
  • Reality: Based on his early interest in standing, we’ve decided he should be walking any day now.

    Thanks for the help Mom, but I’ve got this.

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9 Responses to the terrible twos

  1. Candace Elmore says:

    Isn’t it amazing how one tiny human can make you eat your words? I found myself saying things to Paul that sounded just like my mother – things I swore I’d never say.

  2. Some beautiful photographs of a beautiful family. Take as many pictures as you can. It’s amazing how fast the little ones grow — and change — every day. I’m so happy for you, Alex. I really am.

  3. Daniela says:

    Loved this post and all the resolutions we tend to make before and break after. A complete nonsequitur but our little one has the same ducky tub and it is the best thing ever if you need to travel with baby!

  4. Becky says:

    Loved this post. So true. And I agree that you all look fantastic!

  5. eve says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… that duck rocks. Now I hear Daniela saying that it’s a travel tub too?? I thought it was just something for him to lie in looking contemplative. And seriously- I think it would look good as a part of any decor, minimalist or otherwise. (I’m kinda imagining it in the corner of our living room and I like what I see…)

  6. eve says:

    oh- howdy-do….
    amazon, $11.80, eligible for free shipping to luanda….may make going back in september an easier pill to swallow.

  7. Alex says:

    Eve, I know!! We actually just picked up this one a few days ago at a Goodwill, but Flynn’s loved it so much (first bath ever with no screaming) that we’ve already ordered a second from Amazon just in case. =)

  8. Brooke says:

    What a sweet little family picture!

  9. Brenna says:

    Alex, the duck was a miracle for us! He screamed all through his baths in the “baby” tub but when we got the duck, he laughed and splashed! He loved that the duck quacked!

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