one flynn too many

Since we decided to keep Flynn’s name to ourselves until he actually arrived, I’ve been biting my tongue for a while. But now, finally, let me complain. When in the world did Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr become A-list celebrities?

In case your reading tastes are more high-brow than People and US Weekly, let me fill you in: these two had a son in January who they named Flynn. Yep, Flynn. We already had our Flynn’s name picked out at that point, and although the primary reason we chose it was after Andy’s mom, we also really liked that it was a bit unique. Not totally out there like Kjellfrid or Cucumber or something, but also not on any Top 100 Baby Names lists.

So it was a little annoying when these “celebrities” picked the same name for their son. Lucky for us, they weren’t exactly Angelina and Brad. They were just some actor from some pirate movie and some model we hadn’t really even heard of. Their Flynn would fade from the news cycle quickly. Or so we thought.

Well, no such luck. Every few days since January there’s been a new article proclaiming “Miranda nurses baby Flynn!” or “Orlando takes a walk with baby Flynn!” or “Miranda’s back on the runway after baby Flynn!” Were these two big-name celebrities before and I just didn’t realize it, or did having a baby elevate their status? In any case, reading about their baby Flynn continues to make us cringe… but I guess we’ll just have to get over it.

Besides, our baby Flynn had his first paparazzi experience already too.

And he even has a head shot!

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4 Responses to one flynn too many

  1. Daniela says:

    He is a cutie pie! I love the name but You know, the first thing I thought after I read that you named him Flynn, was Tangled (the movie). I am sure you know by now that the male lead’s name was Flynn.

  2. Bev Bramble says:

    He’s a beautiful little person. Can’t wait to see him. We’re looking forward to a baby shower in Champaign. Don’t leave any Class of ’69 “aunts” off the list!

  3. Natalia says:

    Its a lovely name and a beautiful baby! Many congrats!

  4. bfiles says:

    the name game can be so frustrating….
    but I don’t think you have to worry. Flynn is an awesome name and I had no idea about their silly baby!

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