no baby yet, job prospects

His due date is today, but as of now, the baby has not arrived. Sure he still has some time before he is late, but I’m worried he might not fit in well with a mom and dad who are early for almost everything all the time. Of course we know that right now we are on his schedule. Our bags are packed and in the car, the car seat is installed and I have the numbers of a few dog walkers who can hopefully take care of Abbey if we can’t get her to the kennel (unless there are any volunteers out there who want to watch a beagle for a day or two). There’s nothing left to do except pace nervously around the living room.

In other news, it seems that the details of my job in Cotonou as a Consular Associate have nearly been finalized. Since last July when becoming a Consular Associate first became a possibility, I’ve had to say that I’ll “probably” work in the Consular section. And that I’m “pretty sure” the job will be available. And “if everything goes as planned” I’ll be a Consular Associate. It will be nice when it is finally official and I will be able to stop using all those inconvenient caveats.

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3 Responses to no baby yet, job prospects

  1. Persia says:

    Congratulations on the job and best wishes for a great birthing experience!

  2. Camille says:

    Blaaaaaaarrggh. Oh my gosh, where is that baby!?!?

  3. Brooke says:

    I can’t even imagine how excited you are for all of this! Good luck in baby land 🙂

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