people love babies

It started with the cafeteria cashier as I bought my morning (decaf) coffee. “Do you know the gender?” Then, a stranger on the elevator. “How are you feeling?” Next, as I was waiting in the lobby to meet a press contact, a CNN anchor on her way to do a Japan report. “Congratulations on the addition!” And later, one of the highest ranking officials in the African Bureau, whose interview I oversaw. “When’s the baby coming?”

And that was all before noon.

Yes, people love babies alright, even before they’ve arrived. People who otherwise would have no reason to talk to me just start chatting about my pregnancy and then sometimes about their pregnancy or their wife’s pregnancy too. And I don’t think they’re just making polite small talk either, because you see this warm glow come over their faces, like they actually want to know what names we’re considering or how long I’m staying home or whether it will be my first.

In addition to the strangers who speak up, there are dozens more who shoot me a smile as we pass in the hallways. I’ve walked the hallways of Main State before. Trust me, I never used to get that sort of reception.

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3 Responses to people love babies

  1. Nichole says:

    Just wait until you’ve had the little one. Even more happy nice talk.

    I’m starting to think any important meeting should be held while holding babies. Just makes people nicer and more willing to talk. 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    My friends talk about how random people would grab their stomachs in places like the grocery store. Baby Fever! 🙂

  3. eve says:

    aw. I love it! I hope you’re getting special treatment on the metro too. And I love Nichole’s idea of everyone holding babies while making important decisions.
    I’ve been scampering about town cleaning up on craigslist. our living room is a wreck. I caved and got a stroller, pack n play, car seat, high chair, crib, still chasing after a bjorn babysitter. This is insane. Just when we got rid of SO MUCH stuff….here it all comes again. At least movers take it all away Wednesday.
    Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your new digs!

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