hello up there

In our old tiny apartment, the space under the bed was packed full of boxes, so you can understand why it took me over six months to realize that in this new more spacious apartment, the space under the bed is empty — and better yet, perfect for me!

Stay away. This is my space.

I first discovered this when I was desperate for a hiding place to escape the scolding. They chased me into the bathroom, and into the closet, and into the kitchen. I couldn’t get away! And it wasn’t fair anyway. All I did was chew some socks and paper towels. Big deal. I’m a dog. That’s what we do. Then, suddenly, I had an idea… under the bed! They can’t get me there!

A few trips under the bed later, I realized something else. This wasn’t just a good hiding place for after I chewed a sock or a paper towel. I could hoard my socks and paper towels down here and chew my little heart out. Here, there’s nothing they can do about it!

Then I realized, you know what, I could even sleep down here some nights if I wanted. I like my owners and all, but sometimes I get tired of them moving me around in the middle of the night. Boy owner always pushes me away, and girl owner always pulls me closer. Here, I don’t have to deal with any of that. And if anyone lifts the bedskirt to disturb my peace, I can just growl and bark until they go away. Like I’m doing now.

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