apples, before and after

Today we met up with a few of the remaining members of my A-100 class for an apple picking excursion. (Five months after finishing up A-100, we’ve lost more than half of our class. The only people left in DC are those who needed a full course of a language — maybe a third of us? Of course, the 7 or 8 who got DC jobs are here too, but they’re mostly too busy to do anything!)

Good enough to eat. Well, after a little washing.


On the way back we stopped at a winery. Admittedly, we’re hardly wine aficionados, but even we know that Virgina’s not exactly where one expects to find top-notch wines. Yet, everything was perfectly good. And the $5 tasting price was even better. (You can win us over with a bargain every time.)

Andy spent the rest of the day watching football, while I made this:

It looked like this for all of about three seconds before Andy promptly dug in.

And then I took a nap. So, yep, a perfect Saturday if I do say so myself.

We’ve been trying to be better about enjoying our time in DC rather than obsessing about our impending departure for Benin. So, if you have any other weekend activities ideas, do tell!

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2 Responses to apples, before and after

  1. Bridget says:

    that pie looks fabulous! We are going apple picking soon and I am not a baker but I am preparing myself for the fact that I must bake something after our excursion!

  2. Jen says:

    Actually, Virginia is known for its wine and wineries…maybe not to the extent of CA or other areas, but certainly quite good in its own right. Check out this website … There is also the annual VA wine festival every September…a great food and wine fest…it was this past weekend, but if you are ever in the area in September again, I highly recommend!

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