take a hike

I usually don’t like these beagle get-togethers my owners drag me to, but I have to admit, I was pretty excited about this one. Why? Well, despite my admittedly overly dramatic cry for help last weekend, I ended up have a pretty alright time with those two other dogs. I kind of grew to like them, believe it or not. I was hoping to see them again.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it worked out. Instead of the other two beagles that I actually like, I was met by the howling of a dozen strangers. They were sniffing around and barking at everything in sight. It was quite undignified. I had to howl right back at them to try to keep them quiet. It didn’t work.

Instead, we spent an hour walking through the woods. I got to climb up on some rocks and drink water right out of a creek.

My owners kept trying to slow me down, but I pulled and pulled until they finally got with the program. When we got near the end of the hike, I saw something amazing. Two of the other beagles just ran around without their leashes! Can you believe it? They were pretty fast, but I think I could have run faster if I wasn’t attached to my slow-poke owners. I’d have come back with a squirrel, no doubt.

One disappointing development is that some little pup named Bagel was getting all the attention. Just because she’s young doesn’t mean she’s the prettiest! I, of course, howled in protest. That certainly got me some attention, but not the kind I was hoping for.

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