benin is home to west africa’s largest…

A. Collection of antique voodoo dolls
B. Population of Peace Corps volunteers
C. Shrimp
D. Pristine stretch of beach
E. None of the above

While any of those things may very well be true, the answer I’m looking for is actually E, none of the above.

In fact, as of about a year ago, Benin is home to the region’s largest hypermarket (the European term for supermarket). Yes, little old Benin has a larger grocery store than even places like Ghana and Nigeria. Who would have guessed? Not me. But I’m certainly not complaining!

Not too shabby.

I have that much fun at the grocery store too! No, really, I actually do.
It looks bigger (and frankly, nicer) than the supermarkets we've gotten used to in NYC and DC.

So yes, the food will be fine. That’s one less excuse you can use to avoid visiting us.

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4 Responses to benin is home to west africa’s largest…

  1. Actually, Erevan’s just about the most expensive supermarket in town. There are much smaller, better grocery stores (about the size of a big 7-11, but stocked with real food) throughout Cotonou, and in the nieghborhood where you’ll probably be living.

    Food in Cotonou’s definitely not an issue. Processed commerical American food? Sure, it’s about impossible. But you can get the ingredients to make just about everything from scratch. 😀

  2. Bridget says:

    really??? I didn’t know that! That’s amazing! how are the prices??

  3. rich kolker says:

    Yeah, but there’s the diplomat’s discount! Still, the best way to shop in Cotonou is to learn where you can get what you want and then, when they have it, stock up, because it may not be there the next time!

  4. Elie Copter says:

    We go buy at BSS. They have three stores in cotonou. Their price is much cheaper than Erevan although the products are same.

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