crab cakes & cute houses

So, we’ll be moving to a part of the world where most meals feature ocean-dwelling creatures. (See here and here, for instance.) I’m excited about fresh and plentiful seafood, but Andy? Not so much. But he’s being a good sport and even trying to prepare his palate. In Annapolis over the weekend he shocked me by ordering this crab cake sandwich:


He even finished the whole thing!  The verdict: “Tastes like a ham sandwich dropped on the bottom of a boat.” Well, it’s a start.

More pictures from Annapolis…

Before the crabs became cakes...
More downtown.
Even the alleys are cute.

Downtown Annapolis was fun to see, although honestly it’s a bit too Disney-fied for my tastes. It’s one of those places that clearly used to be totally cool, and might still be pretty cool if you’re somehow able to overlook the fact that no one hangs out here anymore besides tourists. The architecture is lovely, yes, but when I travel I prefer to see how locals actually live. I’d imagine other FSO-types share this desire — am I right? Isn’t that interest at least in part what draws us to this bizarre lifestyle?

Anyhow, Andy and I had a better time when we ventured away from the commercial strip downtown. We strolled down residential streets and crossed a bridge to a crab shack whose parking lot only had MD license plates.

And now we’re thinking ahead to future weekend trips. Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to crab cakes & cute houses

  1. Daniela says:

    Good times!

    My recommendation is Assateague Island State park. It’s an island off of Maryland’s Eastern Shore and there are wild (feral) horses on the island among other interesting creatures you can see. Check it out at

  2. I have a massive list going over on my blog that a few people commented on with some really good additions.

    And I agree about Annapolis. But I still really enjoyed it. Its a fun place to spend an afternoon, even if it does feel like Disneyland. Haha.

  3. Alex says:

    M — If you need a partner in crime to check that West African or Ethiopian restaurant off your list, let me know!

  4. David L. says:

    Only been to Annapolis once for a few hours, but I managed to squeeze in a boat tour of the city, which was pretty interesting. But isn’t this essentially a place where all the women go hoping to catch a glance of the cadets?

  5. Sara Roy says:

    It’s Friday and that means that the State Department Weekly Roundup is up and you’re on it! Check it out here:

    If I used your blog and photo and you want one or both of them removed, please let me know!

  6. rich kolker says:

    As a sometime resident of Annapolis, yes, you’re right. When my folks first moved there in 1971 there was an A&P, a butcher shop and clothing stores locals could shop in all downtown. Now it’s bars, restaurants and trendy shops. But the pastrami and corned beef sandwiches at Chick and Ruth’s Deli are pretty good.

    One thing to do while in the area is get around to the Civil War battlefields within driving distance for a day trip – Gettysburg, Manassas, Antietem, lots more. Walk the C&O canal up from Georgetown to Great Falls.

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