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On Flag Day we found out that our first official post abroad is going to be in Cotonou. But the real truth is, since we’re going to have spent 11 months in Arlington by the time we leave, it kind of feels like this is our first post.

So what is it like moving from NYC to Arlington? In a later post Alex or I will extol the virtues (and curse the hardships) of living in Oakwood. For now, I will concentrate on our new neighborhood.

The Pros:

  • The Safeway – which is perfectly fine despite the poor reviews on Yelp – is only a three minute walk away.
  • You’re not far from DC proper.
  • There are some restaurants and bars within walking distance.
  • The subway (or “metro” as they call it here) lists the wait times for the next few trains.
  • The Rosslyn metro station hosts both the blue and the orange lines.
  • The daily shuttle to FSI stops about three blocks away.
  • Bus drivers often smile and say hello when you board; in NYC you’re lucky to escape with an unfriendly glare.
  • Everything is cheaper than in NYC.
  • Free refills on pop (aka soda) almost everywhere!

The Cons:

  • The dominant architectural style appears to be “1990’s Corporate Apartment.”
  • Georgetown is within walking distance only if it isn’t too hot, too cold, too rainy or too dark.
  • The metro doesn’t run 24 hours a day.
  • No dog parks close by so it’s hard for Abbey to get her fill of avoiding other dogs while off-leash.
  • In NYC it would be possible though difficult to own a car; in Arlington it is possible though difficult to get by without one.
  • I’ve never been to another “hip” neighborhood that included a Cheesecake Factory.

So, like all posts, Arlington has both its good and bad points. Over the next few months we hope to discover more of what it has to offer, and maybe even figure out the bus schedule once and for all.

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4 Responses to first post

  1. David L. says:

    Welcome to Arlington! In case you haven’t seen this yet, it is mandatory viewing for living in Arlington:

  2. Nathan says:

    Yeah, so since you’re gonna be in the US, are you coming to my wedding?

  3. eve says:

    You must be from Michigan. My clues: “pop” and excitement about the Tigers. We just moved from Detroit, lived a couple of blocks from old Tiger’s Stadium. I hear National’s games are pretty exciting too. Much cheaper than tigers tix!

  4. Andy says:

    I am indeed from Michigan, I know your old neighborhood. Welcome to DC!

    There are cheap seats to National’s games, it’s just a shame the Tigers won’t be coming to town. But it will be a good excuse to take a trip to Baltimore.

    You should be getting your bid list soon, good luck!

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