what do you do during a-100?

I’ve written a lot about the receiving the bid list, ranking each post and awaiting my fate on Flag Day. In fact, I’ve written so much about those things that you might assume getting my assignment is all A-100 is about. But it’s really not. In fact, the vast majority of the time is spent on other stuff. For instance:

  1. We attend lectures. Lots of lectures. About topics like diplomatic history, public diplomacy, Department structure and cultural sensitivity.
  2. We spend breaks and lunches getting to know our classmates (who are all cool, smart and quirky).
  3. We listen to Ambassadors, who love to stop by and share experience and advice.
  4. We practice public speaking.
  5. We practice writing cables.
  6. We master the art of squeezing ourselves into a room designed for far fewer people.
  7. We brave a two-day team-building course in the woods of West Virginia.
  8. We take field trips to places like Capitol Hill and the CIA.
  9. We’re briefed by colleagues from the National Security Council and the United States Agency for International Development.
  10. We pretend to be comfortable wearing business suits.
  11. We plan and attend more happy hours, potlucks and poker games than you can possibly imagine.
  12. We practice answering tough questions during “composure under fire” simulations. In fact, mine’s tomorrow, which is what I should probably be focusing on right now…
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4 Responses to what do you do during a-100?

  1. hannah says:

    Don’t forget that you spend a nontrivial amount of time learning how to fill out paperwork!

  2. Daniela says:

    Best of luck in your “composure under fire” simulation today! Paul has that and his Bulgarian language test today. Hope all goes well!

  3. Claire Baumann says:

    # 6 you’ve probably already mastered in nyc’s subways and apts! love your blog and best of luck!

  4. uncle jerry says:

    you kids are hilarious. my advise toouf you will take it is
    3 austria
    4. berlin
    5 switzerland–4 stars
    10 thailand
    6-israel good advise, take it or leave it but it’s a ball no matter how you cut it—–unc. jer

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