what i’ll miss most about nyc

Our NYC days are numbered, and the number is seven.

Today is #1. I’ll be spending it tying up things at work; Andy with be picking up the rental car and getting ready for tomorrow’s drive. We’re headed to the Midwest to spend a month visiting family. When we get back at the end of March, we have a day to arrange our stuff (#2), a day to supervise the movers (#3 — see Andy’s post) and then four days (#4 through #7) at a hotel before heading down to DC. I’m especially excited for those four hotel days, although the list of things we want to do and people we want to see then is growing exponentially…

What I’ll Miss Most About NYC

  • Easy access to any kind of food I could possibly want
  • Very few of the chain stores and restaurants that make most other American cities feel like any other American city
  • People-watching on the subway
  • Walking, rather than driving, to run errands
  • Cobblestone streets lined with brownstones
  • Dog parks
  • Clothing swaps
  • Exploring new neighborhoods — and knowing I’ll never run out of new places to see (because by the time I get through everywhere and start over, that first place will be completely different)

What won’t I miss? Well, having so little space that kids have to resort to things like this. (Although I will miss the city’s innovative spirit, perfectly demonstrated by this kid!)

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  1. Welcome to State! It really is a wonderful job.

    I’ve read through your blog – I loved the application history! LOL!

    But my absolute favorite thing *ever* is the picture of your doggie with the caption about the Caribbean. That is hysterical!!

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