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While I’m in training we’ll be living in a corporate housing joint in Arlington, Virginia. This particular corner of Arlington isn’t the most happening of places. Let’s just say, we would be lucky to be among the suburban sprawl the video pokes fun of. Instead, we’re pretty much surrounded by office parks. Hmm.

Top Ten Reasons Why We Decided to Live There Anyway

10. It’s three blocks from the subway (or “Metro,” as they say in DC) and very close to DC proper. Not bad.

9. It’s a short walk over a bridge to Georgetown, with interesting shops, restaurants, etc.

8. Lots of other people in my A-100 class will be living here too. (Two months before we arrive, game nights are already scheduled.)

7. It’s right by a bike path Andy can use to train for the NYC Triathlon.

6. Our apartment will have about four times more space than our current apartment.

5. And a balcony.

4. And laundry in the unit.

3. And weekly maid service.

2. And continental breakfast Monday through Friday.

1. And, it’s free. (Thank you, taxpayers!) It’s also pre-arranged through the Department of State, so it’s hassle-free too.

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2 Responses to hello, arlington

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for posting all this info!

    I am taking the written exam the 27th (next Saturday – eep!) here in Paris, Fr.
    My daughter and I are so curious about the ‘what happens after’ part, and your blog helps answer some of that beautifully. It also provides a great motivational tool to keep studying and preparing…

    Merci encore!

  2. Great blog – the video was priceless too!

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